The importance of thorough foundation inspections

Thursday, October 4th, 2018 by Yasmin Kallini

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you my personal experience to help you avoid big problems like the ones I am going through.

I had bought a duplex in 2005 for investment purposes and which I never lived in.  The inspection was good but showed that the property had a few minor cracks from the outside. According to my inspector, the cracks were not dangerous; he specified that all the houses have cracks and that some of them can stay stable for long years, and as such, he recommended me to have them checked by an expert. I took his advice as an option so I ignored it.

In 2015 I sold that property. The buyer did an inspection which brought up those minor cracks that were there at the moment I purchased the property. The buyer’s inspector also recommended for the property to be checked by a foundation expert, but I didn’t care much since the buyer had declared that he was satisfied with the inspection. One of the foundation cracks in Yasmin's house

In 2017, I received a registered letter from a lawyer on the buyer’s behalf  informing me that while the buyer was doing some renovation in his basement unit, he had to remove the gyps to add more isolation and discovered that behind the walls there was an extra window that was unprofessionally covered by cement;  he also found three major cracks, one on each side of the property, which were the minor cracks that were discovered by the inspector from outside at the moment of my purchase of the house in 2005.

The buyer had to consult a few foundation companies to get some estimates of the repair works, which averaged a repair cost of 80,000$.  The buyer went on accusing me of a hidden defect and asked me to pay for the foundation repair and all the renovation expenses caused by that issue.

I had to hire a lawyer to present me in this big matter and go after my previous seller and so on ...

Until today, the problem is not solved and is still in the lawyers’ hands. 

This has caused me so much unneccessary stress and expenses.

I advice all my clients to never ignore the matter when they discover any cracks, even if minor ones,  and to have their foundation checked by an foundation expert before they go ahead and buy the property. Believe me it’s worth it!

About Yasmin

Yasmin Kallini is a Century 21® Real Estate professional, dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality service possible. Her personal knowledge of the local Real Estate market is combined with the power of the CENTURY 21 brand - the most recognized name in Real Estate today, to help clients find their dream home, in a neighbourhood that is right for them, and in the price range they want. Yasmin also has the expertise to help her clients sell a property, the fastest way possible and at the best price

Yasmin is also a Real Estate Mortgage Broker, working with all the regular and alternative banks, as well as with private lenders.  She provides a full and complete service to her clients, from the qualification with a pre-approval mortgage to finding the house then getting the final mortgage.

Whenever some upgrades or renovations need to be done, Yasmin makes sure to refer her clients to the right people to get the best-guaranteed work done. She never leaves her clients until they get into their new house!

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