The 6 POSITIVES side effects of a efficiently insulated attic:

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 by Anastasie Najem

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The 6 POSITIVE side effects of a well-insulated attic:

Les 6 effets secondaires POSITIFS d\'un grenier bien isolé - Image 1

1) Your home won't be as dry in the winter - when cold air leaks in and you heat it, you lower its relative humidity. Adequately insulating your attic stops air from leaking and taking out the humidity necessary for optimal comfort.

2) Your home won't be as humid in the summer - when warm air leaks in and you cool it, the relative humidity increases. Sealing air leaks will help in this situation.

3) Your home will be less dusty - outside air is dusty so by limiting air leaks, you will have a cleaner environment.

4) Less indoor allergens - pollen comes from the outside and dust mites love humid environments, so by having better insulation, you're helping your health!

5) A quieter house - less air circulation, less air leak noise. Good insulation contributes indirectly to reduce exterior noise such as wind, rain, etc.

6) No more mold in the attic, crawl space or anywhere - often caused by the shock between warm humid air and cold surfaces, mold and its proliferation can be eliminated by adequate insulation of the problem's source, humid air leaks. 

We insulate attics efficiently and in an energy efficient way!

If you feel drafts, some rooms are dusty, it's too hot or too cold in some rooms, musty smells, your electricity bills are too high, or you notice the formation of ice dams, we can help you. Contact us today for a free estimate!


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