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  • By Barbara B.
    Pointe-Claire, QC

    "Stan was very helpful and courteous and explained well what had been completed. "

    Customer Review

    By Barbara B.
    Pointe-Claire, QC

    Stan was very helpful and courteous and explained well what had been completed. 

  • By Maria G.
    Rosemere, QC

    Customer Review

    By Maria G.
    Rosemere, QC

  • By Mary Z.
    Montreal Nord, QC

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    By Mary Z.
    Montreal Nord, QC

  • By Bruce C.
    Mansonville, QC

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    By Bruce C.
    Mansonville, QC

Stanislav Lisovsky from Systèmes Sous-sol Québec

Title: Service technician

Hometown: Montreal

Stanislav Lisovsky from Systèmes Sous-sol Québec

Stan is one of our service technicians. Every day, he works hard to make sure that the basement waterproofing system, crawl space encapsulation system and foundation repair system installed in your home stay clean and efficient.  

Stan is a warm and patient person. He loves to work with clients and give them all the support to reassure them about the performance of their basement waterproofing system.

Case Studies I've worked on:

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Replacing an old sump pump with a our TripleSafe pump in Rigaud, Qc
    Replacing an old sump pump with a our TripleSafe pump in Rigaud, Qc

    When you suffer from water infiltration in your basement, always check whether your sump pump is working efficiently.

    The TripleSafe sump pump, such as the one installed in our client’s basement in Rigaud, is designed to protect you from any problems that might occur with standard sump pumps.  As well as an alarm to alert your attention to any problems, it also uses a specially designed Ultra Sump battery (not an automobile or marine battery) and auxiliary pump to backup the primary pump. This ensures the Triple Safe sump pump continues to work even in the case of a power failure or pump malfunction.

  • Water Infiltration problems in L'Ile Bizard
    Water Infiltration problems in L'Ile Bizard

    Many people do not pay attention to their basement, or even refuse to invest in fixing them; until problems starts to occur!

    This basement needed our intervention, and our client who owns this place in l’Ile Bizard contacted us as soon as he felt he cannot control this situation anymore.

    We sent our expert to examine the area, and he informed Mr. Michel that he needs to waterproof the place in order to make his house healthier.

    Our products offered are the best in town, and we started by installing The WaterGuard interior drain to capture the water seeping from the walls and the floors of the area, and we connected it to the SuperSump pump.

    This sump pump is designed to specifically handle the amount of water a basement gets during heavy rains.

    Finally we installed the Iceguard accessory to prevent water from freezing.

  • A solid crawl space in Saint-Lambert
    A solid crawl space in Saint-Lambert

    Having discovered our company on Facebook, this customer living in Saint-Lambert area contacted us to tell us about his concerns about humidity and support system in his crawl space. Indeed, the air in the area was very heavy and cold. In addition, the support pillars were not strong enough because they did not support the floor of the upper floor properly, which caused it to sag. These problems are very dangerous for the health of the home and the safety of the family living there.

    For example, we sent one of our specialists who recommended the installation of the following products: SilverGlo insulation panels, 12 SmartJack support pillars, WaterGuard interior foundation drain, SuperSump sump pump system, freeze protection IceGuard Discharge Line, LawnScape Discharge Line Discharge Mouth.

    With these products, the water can no longer infiltrate the crawl space and affect the air by releasing water vapor, because the water is intercepted by the internal drain and discharged by the sump pump. The water vapor is blocked by the SilverGlo insulation and the crawl space roof is now more than solid thanks to the SmartJacks

  • Water infiltration problems in Sainte-Rose
    Water infiltration problems in Sainte-Rose

    Our team has waterproofed this house in Sainte-Rose.

    We have first sealed the wall cracks with polyurethane and FlexiSpan injection. Then, our team dug a trench all around the perimeter of the walls to install the WaterGuard interior drain that intercepts water from the floor and walls. A TrenchDrain has also been installed to intercept water coming through doors and stairs.

    To evacuate the water in the drain, we installed a SuperSump sump pump system combined with an UltraSump booster pump system. So there is no risk that the basement will be flooded during storms that cause power outages because the UltraSump pump will start automatically and the alarm will indicate that this pump is running.

  • Crawl Space Repair in Terrebonne, QC
    Crawl Space Repair in Terrebonne, QC

    We have completely encapsulated this crawl space by installing our CleanSpace Drain Mat under our CleanSpace Anti-mold Steam Membrane. Then we installed an UltraSump booster pump that runs on battery power during power outages. Subsequently, we solidified the crawl space structure by installing 9 SmartJack pillars and 24 PowerBrace support beams. To finalize it all, we added IceGuard and LawnScape accessories to the dump line to provide extra safety against flooding.

  • A foundation waterproofed in Saint-Sauveur
    A foundation waterproofed in Saint-Sauveur

    We had the chance to do a basement waterproofing on a ''pony wall '' foundation. Water seeped through the cracks in the concrete blocks. In order to block the cracks, we installed a WaterGuard interior drain at the bottom of the footing so that the water would drain to the drain and then drain away from the house. Our team has also encapsulated this sole to block the water vapor so that it is redirected to the drain and to prevent dampening of the space.

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