Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Doug M. in Montreal, QC

Q:  How satisfied are you with the job we did for you ?
A: Very satisfied ;  
Q : What did you think of our installation crew ? 
A: Very satisfied ;  
Q : How was the experience you had with our office staff ?  
A: Very good ;  
Q : What are your thoughts on our salesman and his presentation ? 
A: Very good ;  
Q : Was the cleanup satisfactory ?  
A: Yes ;  
Q : Overall, what were the top one or two reasons you hired us instead of another company ?  
A: Less invasive new technology and I was able to talk to two of the references ;  
Comments : 
I waited to send this because I wanted to see how the system worked in the spring time. It worked well as there was no water on the floor.
- Doug M. of Montreal, QC
Monday, February 18th
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