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Before and After Pictures from Levis
Waterproofing a basement in Levis

Waterproofing a basement in Levis

Before After
Waterproofing a basement in Levis Waterproofing a basement in Levis


Damp basement, wet floor with water infiltration during the spring thaw and during heavy rains. The client does not have a sump system.


Install a drainage perimeter with our WaterGuard interior French drain and then a SuperSump sump pump system. The WaterGuard intercepts the infiltration of water and routes it into the sump, which will push the water outside the house and away from the foundation. This solution will help against water infiltration and will reduce humidity in the basement. We also recommend the installation of our Sanidry Sedona dehumidifier.


Water Infiltration in Quebec

Water Infiltration in Quebec

Before After
Water Infiltration in Quebec Water Infiltration in Quebec

Our clients from Quebec City where having water infiltration problems in the basement of their residence. In addition to that, the high level of humidity in their basement was creating unpleasant odors.

After finding our company through the net, we sent one of our specialists to do a free inspection. On site, the owners were given a detailed offer on which they were advised to install: a CleanSpace Wall membrane, a WaterGuard interior foundation drain system, a Supersump sump pump system, and an Iceguard system.

Our Customers agreed on the solutions and the prices offered and they decided to bring the technicians from Basement Systems Quebec to proceed with the waterproofing of their basement.

The clients were very satisfied with the professionalism of our company’s team and they never had to face any water infiltration problem in their basement ever again.

Installing our interior drainage system in Levis, Qc

Installing our interior drainage system in Levis, Qc

Before After
Installing our interior drainage system in Levis, Qc Installing our interior drainage system in Levis, Qc

We have waterproofed our client’s house in Levis that was suffering from water infiltration during thaw season and installed our interior drainage system’The Waterguard’.

Our interior drainage system is: easy to install, will intercept and evacuate water before it reaches the living space and is accessible at all times to for inspection and cleanings.


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#1 Canadian Dealer 2020
We are so proud to announce that we have won, for another year, the Top Candian Dealer award within the... [Read more]
25 Miles Award
After having served thousands of clients and repaired thousands of basements, we have finally reached the great milestone of the... [Read more]
2019 Consumer Choice Award
Systèmes Sous-Sol Québec was selected as the winner of the 2019 Consumer Choice Award in the category "Foundations- Replacement and... [Read more]
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Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & More in Levis, Quebec

Systèmes Sous-sol Québec is the leading local expert in home repairs and general maintenance in Levis. They offer solutions to problems in almost any area of your home, including crawl spaces, basements, foundations, gutters, and more. Whether there is a problem that needs fixing or you're simply looking to upgrade certain parts of your home, we have you covered.

Services we offer in Levis:

  • Basement waterproofing solutions
  • Foundation & structural repair solutions
  • Basement finishing & remodeling
  • Crawl space sealing & encapsulation
  • Gutters & gutter guard installation
  • Aspen air purifiers
  • Home insulation
  • And more!

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement-related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology that are designed to fix your home. Plus, as the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Levis, QC, we offer limited warranties on our products, including perimeter drains, crawl space encapsulation systems, and foundation products. To schedule your free estimate or discuss our financing options, click the button below and get started.

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Our Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Levis

Basements are a common spot for water intrusion in homes due to the soil around them. When soil gets wet, dries out, or is displaced, it can cause shifting around the basement and lead to cracks or other vulnerabilities in the exterior wall. Though this is a common problem, the right solution for your home can be a unique combination of techniques and products. Thankfully we carry all of the most up-to-date basement waterproofing products available, including sump pumps, perimeter drains, wall repair products, and more.

Don't let water intrusion stop you from using your basement the way you want to. Whether it's a simple storage area or you're looking to finish the space, keeping it dry will do wonders for the long-term health of your home.

Professional Basement Finishing & Remodeling Services

If you see your unfinished basement as an opportunity for expansion rather than just another dingy, dark room for storage, then you've come to the right place. We can improve and transform all aspects of your basement, including the walls, floors, ceiling, insulation measures, and finishing touches to give it your special flare. The benefits of basement finishing are endless and can create a totally new, usable space in your home. Some design ideas we can help you explore include:

  • Additional living space
  • In-law apartment
  • Office space
  • Home gym
  • Entertainment center
  • Play area for children

As an authorized Total Basement Finishing contractor, we use products that include a 50-year basement wall warranty and a 30-year ceiling tile warranty. Plus, our waterproof basement flooring options are built to last and fight off moisture that can be present in basements. To explore your basement remodeling options and get a free quote, click the button below and schedule your consultation.

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Foundation Repair & Structural Improvements by Systèmes Sous-sol Québec

Foundation problems can affect your entire home in significant ways. If the foundation shifts out of place, it can no longer properly support your home and may result in slanted floors, cracked walls, cracked ceilings, windows and doors sticking in place, and more. Similarly, when your foundation is cracked it can allow for serious water intrusion or pest infestations. Both pests and water use foundation cracks as their way into your home where they wreak havoc, especially when mold begins to grow. What starts as mold or mildew around the foundation can negatively affect whole-home air quality from top to bottom and result in wood-rot, compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Foundation products & services we offer:

  • Push pier systems
  • Helical foundation piers
  • Crawl space supports
  • Basement wall anchors

With our full suite of foundation repair products, we can address almost any foundation problem you may be having. Unsure about the health of your home's foundation? Start with a free inspection and cost estimate from us.

Crawl Space Encapsulation, Sealing, & Other Repair Services

Systèmes Sous-sol Québec installs the unbeatable CleanSpace® crawl space encapsulation system that will take your crawl space from dirty and useless to clean and usable storage space. In addition to sealing off your crawl space and making it waterproof, we also offer crawl space jacks for structural support and prevention of sagging crawl space ceilings— this will also help prevent sagging of floors above the crawl space. To finish off your new crawl space, we also install access wells and thermal insulation to protect your property.

The CleanSpace® system completely transforms your dirt floor crawl space into a sealed environment, dramatically reducing the humidity levels. Lower humidity levels can reduce or eliminate mold growth, rot, and pests from your crawl space. This ensures long-term home health and air quality, starting with your crawl space. We offer free estimates on any of our crawl space encapsulation and repair services in Levis.

Get a free estimate on any of our services in Levis!

If your home needs repairs or improvements in the Levis area, call us. We offer free estimates on any of our foundation repair services, crawl space encapsulation and repair, basement finishing, home insulation, and air purifier installation. Call 1-844-450-2728 or click the button below to get started.

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Case Studies From Levis
Our client in Levis, lived in his house for several years until problems started to occur in his basement. Water was infiltrating inside the wall...
Caroll has contacted us when she started to notice some water puddles in her basement, and once she checked up the place, she had also realized that...
Job Stories From Levis, QC
Water infiltration problems in Levis, Qc

When Caroll contacted us, she had no clue about basement waterproofing, but she knew that many problems were happening in her basement such as water infiltration through the walls, floors and aggravation of humidity level.

At start she was very concerned whether we will need to do a total renovation for the place, and this might cost her lots of money and time, but we had informed her that our products do not need all of this hustle and can be installed within few days only, with the least cost.

So we sent our experts to inspect her basement for free, showed her about our plan, and informed her more about the products.

Once our client had agreed on all of the executions and prices and we started the execution.

Since its easier to waterproof from the inside to the outside, we installed our interior drain’ The WaterGuard’ to capture the water from the walls , and from the most common point of entry.

The WaterGuard was linked to our Supersump pump system that has a sturdy liner to accept water directly from the ground, as well as a larger inlet hole to allow your perimeter drainage system to empty into it.

Water infiltration problems in Levis, Qc - Photo 1
Water infiltration issues in a basement in Levis, Qc

Mr. Lalancette had a humidity problem in his basement. The floor was wet and there was water infiltration during the spring thaw and during heavy rains. The client does not have a sump system.

Our team of experts installed a drainage perimeter with our WaterGuard interior French drain and then installed a SuperSump sump pump system. The WaterGuard intercepts the infiltration of water and routes it into the sump, which will expel the water outside the house and away from the foundation. This solution will help against water infiltration and reduce humidity in the basement. We also recommend the installation of our Sanidry Sedona dehumidifier.

Water infiltration issues in a basement in Levis, Qc - Photo 1Water infiltration issues in a basement in Levis, Qc - Photo 2Water infiltration issues in a basement in Levis, Qc - Photo 3
Work Requests From Levis, QC
Project Location: Levis, QC
Besoin d'un pompe
Project Location: Levis, QC
On a remarqué qu' il semble il y avoir une infiltration d eau sous notre plancher au sous-sol car on voit de l eau du coté de la salle du chauffe-eau qui vient de sous notre plancher. Nous n'avons pas encore retiré le plancher pour éviter des dégâts inutile avant de savoir ce qui doit être fait et les services auxquels on pourrai faire appel. Merci pour votre retour pour éviter trop de moisissure
Project Location: Levis, QC
Imperméabilisation du sous-sol, fondation et de scellement du vide sanitaire
Project Location: Levis, QC
Infiltration d'eau par les tiges métalliques Je veux régler mon problème par le l'intérieur du mur du sous-sol. La zone d'infiltration est minime.
Project Location: Levis, QC
Je suis à la recherche d'un système de ventilation / déshumidification pour mon vide sanitaire . Environ 400 pieds carré est sur une dalle de béton et fondation coule et un autre 550 pied carré est directement sur la terre avec une fondation de moellons .
Project Location: Levis, QC
J'aimerais avoir un prix pour l'installation et l'équipement d'une sump pump pour le sous-sol
Project Location: Levis, QC
Nous avons ce qui semble être de la mérule pleureuse dans notre vide sanitaire. Il y aurait des travaux à faire et amélioration (isolation etc) pour que ça n'arrive plus.
Project Location: Levis, QC
Infiltration d'eau lors de fortes pluies, nous devons trouver une solution avant de reconstruire le faux plancher
Project Location: Levis, QC
Installation d'une pompe au sous -sol , car on a des problèmes avec le drain agricole
Project Location: Levis, QC
Présence de mérule pleureuse, des travaux sont à effectuer et faire en sorte de prévenir qu'elle revienne.
Project Location: Levis, QC
Bonjour! j'ai actuellement des déversements d'eau dans mon sous-sol. Nous avons déjà fait injecter pour les fissures mais il y a toujours de l'eau qui rentre. Nous pensons que l'installation d'une pompe pour être bénifique pour nous. Notre maison est batie à même un cran. Nous avons un vide sanitaire. Celui-ci n'a aucune eau ni trace d'humidité. Par contre, dans la section que nous avons notre laveuse et notre rangement, l'eau s'infiltre. Merci d'avance et bonne fin de journée à vous.
Project Location: Levis, QC
Acheter maison ce printemps. 2 fissures à colmater
Project Location: Levis, QC
Bonjour à vous, j'ai de l'eau qui entre dans le sous-sol lorsqu'il pleut. ça semble être un problème en dessous des marches où l'entrée. Je viens d'Acheter la maison avec Garantie légale alors j'aimerais bien régler le problème rapidement tout comme les vendeurs. merci et bonne journée,
Project Location: Levis, QC
J'ai déjà eu des problèmes d'inondations au printemps. Je veux faire installer une pompe au sous-sol avant d'entreprendre des travaux de décontamination et de finition du sous-sol.
Project Location: Levis, QC
Fondation 28x51 maison ancestrale avec fondation de pierre sur terre battue Près du fleuve il a y de l'eau qui entre dans la cave est ce que des fondations reflétaient le problème où il serait toujours présent Quel serait le cout
Project Location: Levis, QC
J'ai un sous-sol de 4 à 6 pieds dépendant des endroits, en blocs et en béton coulé. J'aimerais savoir si c'est possible d'imperméabiliser pour que ça ne sente plus l'humidité. Les murs ont été shooté à l'urethane 1 pouce d'épaisseur. Ça a aidé mais j'aimerais ça pouvoir laisser des choses dans la cave. Merci
Project Location: Levis, QC
Il y a infiltration d'eau dans ma cave , principalement au printemps lors du degel. C'est un solage en pierre (maison date de 1890 environ) , et la cave a ete refaite en beton (environ 4 pieds de haut). Donc j'aimerais avoir un estime, si possible, des travaux a faire pour corriger le tout. MERCI
Project Location: Levis, QC
Je veux réparer des fissures au mur et une fissure entre la jonction de mur de fondation
Project Location: Levis, QC
J'ai une infiltration d'eau au mur de sous sol que je sais pas l'origine. J'espère régler ce problème avec votre expertise
Project Location: Levis, QC
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