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Mr. Gonzalez' home in Laval, Quebec had a finished basement that one day began to leak and cause many problems. As a savvy homeowner, Mr. Gonzales began to search the internet for the right company to fix the problem and restore his basement. That is how he found Basement Systems Quebec. The company not only that the right solution to stop basement leaks, but they also had the right materials to restore the water damaged walls and floors. The company is the only basement restoration company in Quebec to offer MillCreek waterproof basement flooring and the exclusive EverLast Basement Wall Restoration System: 100% waterproof and mold resistant material that will not support mold growth or be damaged by moisture and water accidents. Mr. Gonzalez is extremely satisfied with the way his basement looks now, and confident that it will last for many years. He is also very happy with the service provided by the company. "In only one month, Basement Systems fixed the problem in my house. When finished, they did put all the furniture, all the equipment in the same place as when they saw it at the first moment they came to my house."
Mr. Gonzalez of Laval, QC
Wednesday, September 30th
After ten years living in his home, Nick I. from St. Leonard, Quebec noticed that the basement started to leak, probably because of an extension that was built without proper drainage. He called a few companies in the area for an estimate, but only Basement Systems Quebec offered a complete solution that made sense to him for a number of reasons. First it wouldn't require digging out the foundation from the outside or a lot of excavation from the inside. Installing the exclusive WaterGuard system offered by the company would only require jack hammering a six inch trench along the interior perimeter of the basement walls. The system was also more affordable, but it was the sump pump system with alarm and a battery backup, and the Transferable Lifetime Warranty offered by the company that really convinced Nick that he had the right company and the right products for the job. "Overall we are very satisfied. If someone would come to me and ask me for my advice, without hesitation I would strongly recommend Basement Systems Quebec, because their problems would be solved, they could be assured that there wouldn't be any more water coming into their house, and the service that they would provide would be very good, and they could have the confidence that their are reliable." - explains Nick. "We paid less than we would have paid if we went with another supplier but the work was actually done well and we haven't had a problem ever since. "
Nick I. of St. Leonard, QC
Monday, November 9th
The problem I had fixed was with one of my dwellings. I have a three and a half that is a short basement, and it had water infiltration. One of the walls was starting to show cracks.In theory, there was supposed to be a French drain on the outside, but I never dug the outside earth around the house. In other words, I have a swimming pool on the outside, a deck that occupies part of the backyard, so we would have had to demolish everything to enter the equipment in order to access the French drain.When I went to the home show, I saw this was a professional company that offered solutions adapted to the type of problems I was facing. The company was specialized in crawl spaces, which was my case, and in basement water infiltration, specifically. What I liked is that we were able to find, with the WaterGuard system, the ability to install a French drain as there was water infiltration, from the inside of the house rather than do it from the outside.As for my level of satisfaction, if I have a neighbor or friend who mentions they have similar water infiltration problems and who need a solution, I will not hesitate to recommend Systèmes Sous-sol Québec.The company is very professional, a quality service from finding the solution and selling it to the execution of the work.The work went very well, the team was very professional. They were meeting with me from time to time during the days when the work was being done and giving me explanations during the different stages. I was looking for a company that was specialized in this kind of problems.Do a solution that would last very long. When I will sell the house, the warranty is transferable. My experience with Systèmes Sous-sol Québec has been excellent.There is a lifetime warranty that is offered with it.
Daniel C. of Ahuntsic-Cartierville, QC
Thursday, June 29th
Eva and Jeff Parry, residents of Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, QC, had dirt crawl space that was very humid because of the soil and the water infiltrations. Mold started to appear on walls and floors. They knew they had to fix this issue because their daughter Jessika had a terminal condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1 so the Parrys had to do everything they could to improve the air quality that was badly affecting her breathing and respiratory system. Our team went and fixed this problem by fully encapsulating the crawl space by installing a vapor barrier membrane, a crawl space interior drain, a sump pump system and a powerful dehumidifier system. In this video, the family discusses their experience with Systèmes Sous-sol Québec and the impact of the encapsulation on their daughter’s health.
Eva & Jeff P. of Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot, QC
Tuesday, May 28th
Testimonial Photo by Mike N.
Hi Jenny, thanks for the quick reply. Just wanted to confirm this would be performed under warranty. Thanks Micheal for the visit this morning. Much appreciate the good after service support which is a very rare thing in the world today. See you next summer.
Mike N. of Saint-Lazare, QC
Thursday, October 1st
Testimonial Photo by Garnet A.
Hi Andrew, I just wanted to give you an update on our basement. People love to give bad news, but I want to give you good news. There is not a drop of water in the basement this year and we have probably had the worst spring on record. I don't know if you remember the job, but your team put in an interior french drain around 3/4 of my basement and dug the sump pit about 1 foot deeper. The interesting part is that there has not been a drop of water in the interior french drain. It seems like digging the sump pit deeper was all that was necessary. Water is pumped out into my front ditch before it ever gets high enough to get into the drain. Now, I can finish my basement with confidence. Thanks for your help. Garnet  
Garnet A. of Beaconsfield, QC
Tuesday, May 9th
I was very happy with Sophie's service! I called your company to repair my French drain following a recommendation from my cousin who did business with a Basement Systems company. Sophie took the call, listened patiently, served me well throughout our call, and did her best to provide me with excellent service. I was surprised because even with large national companies, I always had bad experiences with customer service agents. Sophie is a great member of your team, and you need to know that. I am really happy and I look forward to meeting your specialist this Friday!
Maria S. of Quebec, QC
Tuesday, August 11th
Very good job, they were wonderful and very helpful. The salesman and his presentation was great.
Leah B. of Elgin, QC
Q:  How satisfied are you with the job we did for you ? A: Very good ;     Q : What did you think of our installation crew ?  A: A ok ;     Q : How was the experience you had with our office staff ?   A: Wonderful, Very helpful ;     Q : What are your thoughts on our salesman and his presentation ?  A: Great ;     Q : Was the cleanup satisfactory ?   A: I guess I am too particular ;     Q : Overall, what were the top one or two reasons you hired us instead of another company ?   A: My son had the same work done, only he lives in the U.S and found your site on the internet. Same company ;    
Leah B. of Elgin, QC
Monday, December 8th
Q:  How satisfied are you with the job we did for you ? A: Very pleased ;     Q : What did you think of our installation crew ?  A: Efficient and thorough ;     Q : How was the experience you had with our office staff ?   A: Respectful ;     Q : What are your thoughts on our salesman and his presentation ?  A: Excellent ;     Q : Was the cleanup satisfactory ?   A: Completely ;     Q : Overall, what were the top one or two reasons you hired us instead of another company ?   A: Water infiltration ;     Comments :  Peter Romaniuk inspired confidence for me to choose your company. His presence on the second work day with the installation crew was important.  
Maureen C. of Ormstown, QC
Tuesday, September 6th
Yes, we were very impressed with Systèmes Sous Sol’ professionalism, the letter beforehand outlining our responsibilities, precautions to be taken, etc. The book you sent ahead of time to help us know the company, possible solutions to the issues homeowners face was very well done. As a former graphics designer, I was impressed. It’s pretty scary when as a homeowner you experience leaks in your home (small or large) and companies you call for quotes don’t respond, yet you can’t move forward as was our case. The laundry room and adjoining bathroom are in their original state (53 yrs.old) needing to be renovated but having to deal with water infiltration every few years. Hi again, I forgot to mention the prompt service we received from Sam. When I had questions, he responded very quickly. He phoned us the night before and that morning too because he was going to be a bit late. He did a great job! Now we can move forward knowing that the problem was resolved thanks to your company.
Lana C. of Gatineau, QC
Monday, May 6th
Testimonial Photo by Sonia L.
we are VERY happy!!! they did a Superb job!!! thank you!!!! :) (as see on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Basement-Systems-Quebec-Syst%C3%A8mes-Sous-sols-Qu%C3%A9bec/195007667183181?sk=reviews )
Sonia L. of Gatineau, QC
Wednesday, February 1st
I contacted Systemes Sous-sol in April/2021 via the internet and quickly received a reply from their office in Laval through which I booked a free inspection and estimate with Jerry Evangelatos, System Design Specialist for April 5th, 2021.  Mr. Evangelatos drove to Wakefield, Quebec and sat down with me to fully explain the "Dry basement solution". His presentation was clear and precise and provided full details of the systems, the cost, the time for the work. the lifetime guarantee and the preparations required. I had read the complete booklet sent to me earlier but Jerry showed me an additional video of the work to be done and with all of this information. I was able to make a decision immediately after I fully understood this system. He was able to give me the date of April 29 for the installation.  Later, I received a call from Valerie, who was pleasant, professional and enthusiastic and who offered me an earlier date. After confirmation with my plumber, I was able to accept this new appointment.  On Tuesday, April 19th, two company employees arrived, having called me to inform me when they could get here. I was very impressed with the friendliness and professional manner of Felix, who was obviously perfect bilingual, very competent and very comfortable with people. When he and his fellow Worker, Quan, arrived, they spent some time with me in the basement going over the work that would be done, the estimated time it would take and offered to respond to any questions. Felix reviewed the contract I had signed with Jerry and then set about their work.  I have never seen two men so motivated, so knowledgeable and so willing to do this job as efficiently and carefully as possible. They were both respectful of me and my home and did their work with as little disruption as possible. They worked as a team and obviously knew what needed to be done and how the best to do it. Felix kept me informed with regard to their progress and always asked whenever he needed to use an indoor plug or whatever. I have already spoken to friends and neighbors about the quality of the workmanship and the integrity that both Felix and Quan demonstrated throughout the 3 days here in my home. They worked together tirelessly and rarely if ever stopped for breaks.  Felix was extremely professional and knowledgeable and though, obviously in charge, treated his coworker with respect at all times. Quan worked comfortably alongside Felix, and both of them worked with amazing strength and speed and wasted no time in bringing the job to completion in a timely manner.  I have never been so impressed by two young men who are obviously both loyal employees, promote their products with confidence and respect and are wonderful ambassadors for your company and worthy of my respect and admiration.  I compliment the entire company on its successful completion of this contract.  Sincerely,   
Sally S. of Wakefield, QC
Monday, April 26th
The installation crew was very efficient and the office staff was very courteous. The Salesman and his presentation was very professional. They also did a very good clean up.
Linda L. of Pointe des Cascades, QC
Q:  How satisfied are you with the job we did for you ? A: Yes    Q : What did you think of our installation crew ?  A: Good    Q : How was the experience you had with our office staff ?   A: Good    Q : What are your thoughts on our salesman and his presentation ?  A: Very good    Q : Was the cleanup satisfactory ?   A: Good    Q : Overall, what were the top one or two reasons you hired us instead of another company ?   A: The system worked    Comments :  "Honesty is the best policy". Keep up the good work. I always talk about your team to my friends. Since the system is installed, I have no water in my basement."  
Nasir A. of St-Lazare, QC
Wednesday, October 11th
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