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Montreal Basement Wall with Cracks and Inward BucklingIf you notice that your basement walls are bulging in or cracking, know that their breakdown has been happening for a while. Foundation wall damage does not happen overnight.

Also know that the cause of the structural corruption is often due to hydrostatic pressure. There are other causes of foundation issues, like expanding soils and frost heave, but hydrostatic pressure is the most common. 

Hydrostatic pressure happens when the force of the water in the ground surrounding your home's foundation is greater than the walls can handle. The pressing in causes walls to bow inwards, bulge and crack.

Having damaged and bowing walls does not mean that your house is ruined or that the removal and replacement of the entire foundation is required. Repair can be less drastic, but early detection of problems is important. To schedule a free foundation inspection and repair quote, call 1-844-450-2728 or click below to contact Systèmes Sous-sol Québec online.

The Worst Case Scenario

Once the structural integrity of a foundation has been compromised, it's often thought that the entire foundation will have to be replaced. Foundation damage will increase with time if left unattended and that fact fuels the belief that the foundation needs to be completely replaced. That procedure is a process that is usually an expensive and time consuming undertaking.

Foundation Wall Anchors Installed in MontrealReplacing a foundation starts on the outside of your house. First, the dirt from around the foundation must be excavated. That means not only all the dirt must be removed and put somewhere, but all the trees, shrubs, flower beds, stone walls, patios and porches, sidewalks, car ports, steps, and any other object needs to be removed as well. 

After that has been done, work can begin on the inside of your house. To keep your house upright and standing, temporary bracing supports will be installed as a new foundation is being built.

In time, the work will be completed and all the dirt, yard items, and the foliage can be replaced. In time, the loosened soil around your home will settle and new dirt will need to be put into place and regraded.

As you can see, a complete foundation replacement takes time, money, and is a major disruption to your family and your home. Once it is finished, you still haven't dealt with the hydrostatic pressure that caused the initial damage and will also have a future affect on your new foundation.

An Easier (and Less Costly) Solution!

Helical Wall Anchors

Helical Tieback Anchors for Foundation or Strucutral WallA less expensive and less invasive solution to foundation damage is the use of a wall anchor system.

Long metal rods with helical fins on them are attached to steel plates that are mounted into holes placed in the damaged wall. The rods extend out away from the wall into the outside soil where they are anchored.

Once the anchor system is in place, the holes in the wall are sealed and covered with a steel plate. By turning the rods, the system actually "screws" the wall into an upright position.

The Systèmes Sous-sol Québec Wall Anchor System

The Supportworks' Wall Anchor System is made up of three elements.

  • Steel interior wall plate
  • Extending steel rod
  • Outer anchoring point

When employed, the combination of the three components will not only support the damaged wall, it can re-align it back to its original positioning.

Montreal Contractor Installing Foundation Wall AnchorsIn comparison to the massive excavation needed for a foundation replacement, only a tiny section of your yard needs to be dug into for a wall anchor system to be installed (see photo to the left). The anchor unit is placed into that hole.

A small hole is then placed on the inside of the foundation wall. The steel rod is pushed through the wall, into the soil until it reaches the anchor placed under the earth in your yard. The rod is fixed to the anchor, the hole is filled, and the dirt is compacted.

A steel plate is attached to the interior wall with the extending steel rod running through the center of it. Tightening of the whole unit starts and is repeated over time, pulling the wall back to its upright position.   

The system can be installed at any time of the year, there is minimal disorder to your home or yard and the whole installation can often be completed in one day.

A consultation with one of our foundation professionals can give you the information you need to choose which foundation system is right for your situation. 

If you are a homeowner in our Quebec service area, click here for a free foundation wall repair quote! Systèmes Sous-sol Québec has many different options for your consideration when it comes to foundation repair. Contact us today!

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