Reinforce Failing Rock & Brick Walls in Province of Quebec

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The StableLock Wall is a more cost-effective option to support failing rock, brick, and block foundation walls.

The StableLock Wall Repair System

The StableLock Wall system was developed to meet the demand created by failing rock, brick, and block walls. The traditional process of lifting a house, removing the failing wall, and pouring a replacement concrete wall was often far too invasive and expensive. Most people were forced to wait for a total foundation failure before addressing the issue.

StableLock Wall offers an effective and affordable alternative to save foundation walls from failing. Using modern concrete forming and shoring methods, StableLock fills voids and stabilizes existing walls to leave a smooth, strong wall with the best qualities of a newly-constructed basement wall. If you think The StableLock Wall System might be right for your foundation, schedule a free estimate for foundation repair services in Montreal, Quebec City, Joliette and nearby areas in Quebec!

Crumbling foundation before StableLock
After StableLock Wall

Crumbling, failing brick walls can wreak havoc on the value, indoor air quality, and comfort of your home. Stop these problems before a total foundation failure with our proven wall lock technology.

Benefits of The StableLock Wall System

StableLock repairs a broad range of wall types:

  • Poured walls
  • Brick walls
  • Rock walls
  • Rubble walls
  • Block walls

With StableLock, zinc-plated beams are custom-fit and anchored to the first-floor framing above, and the basement floor below, to secure the new wall against the failing brick. This locks in the new, strong structure to the existing structure, stopping the problem before a total foundation failure. The entire installation can be completed from the inside of your home without heavy equipment, so the process won't disturb lawns, porches, neighbors, or your daily routine.

The StableLock Wall System was created with the combined experience of structural repair concrete, and general contractors to ensure the most reliable results. If your foundation walls are failing, be proactive with a StableLock Wall repair estimate today! Systèmes Sous-sol Québec offers free foundation repair estimates throughout Montreal, Quebec City, Joliette, and the nearby areas.

Schedule your foundation repair estimate with Systèmes Sous-sol Québec

Whether your foundation is sinking, failing, cracking, or flooding, Systèmes Sous-sol Québec has proven solutions with guaranteed warranties. In addition to The StableLock Wall, we offer wall anchors, crawl space support posts, and a number of other options for your foundation problems.

Say goodbye to failing, crumbling brick, rock, and block walls with permanent foundation stabilization. Schedule a free estimate for your foundation repair in Province of Quebec today.

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