Settling the Problem of Foundation Settling in Quebec

Cracked Foundation Wall in Montreal

Your house rests on its foundation, so it's only natural that any settling or disruption to the foundation will have adverse effects on the entire house too.

A few signs to look for when dealing with foundation damage are:

  • Cracks in foundation walls
  • Spacing between foundation walls and floor
  • Diagonal cracks along upstairs walls (especially around door and window frames)
  • Windows that stick open or can't be closed
  • Chimneys that lean
  • Cracks that form along mortar lines in walls or chimneys

Time just makes the damage worse. Fixing the foundation settlement with a foundation underpinning solution as soon as possible is important. There are some signs of damage that may be because of foundation wall problems.

In that case, foundation wall anchors may be the solution. Making a foundation stable isn't just for older, damaged homes, as new foundation can be stabilized as it is being built. Helix pier systems are a great option for better stabilization.

There are different options that can be applied to settling foundations, and each will work best in a different situation. Consulting with an expert can remove the worry and provide you with the best answer to your foundation problems for your home.

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Replacing Your Foundation is the Final Option, Not the First!

Fully knowing your options is essential.

There are times when a foundation has been compromised over a period of a long time and the only solution is total replacement. But that is only in extreme scenarios when the entire home is affected.

Complete foundation replacement is intense, expensive, and disruptive. The entire perimeter of the foundation must be cleared and excavated, and everything around it must be cleared.

A series of temporary braces are then set to keep your house standing. The foundation is removed and rebuilt. After the new foundation is set, the soil can be put back in. The loose backfill will settle in time and need to be added to and regraded. Plus, if nothing was done to the initial settling cause, the new foundation may experience the same problems and the same damage may happen all over again!

An Easier and Less Expensive Solution

A piering system can level your damaged foundation in Montreal

Helical Pier Diagram for Montreal Foundations

A foundation pier system is a cost-effective foundation underpinning to repair and many times reverse foundation damage with minimal disruption to your home.

Piers are long steel rods that are attached to the foundation footing of your home. They are pushed down below your house's foundation until they rest on solid ground or rock. The weight of your foundation and house is then transferred to that stable strata through the piers.

A pier system can be used in almost any type of soil and will last for over one hundred years. The foundation piers come in two styles:

  • Helical piers
  • Push piers

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Foundational Helical Piers

The helical pier system used by Systèmes Sous-sol Québec is an ideal means of supporting foundations in situations where push piers cannot be installed - such as in new construction, where the weight of the structure isn't sufficient to "push" a pier into the soil. Unlike push piers, helical piers feature welded steel fins that allow them to be "screwed" into the soil to support a structure's foundation.

A small area next to the foundation is dug up and a support bracket is attached to the foundation footing. The helical pier is driven or "screwed" into the ground and attached to the bracket. Further adjustments are done to level the foundation and stabilize it.

Push Piers

Diagram of a House in Montreal repaired by our Foundation Repair Contractors

Systèmes Sous-sol Québec also uses a push pier system to level foundations. A similar installation process is used in the push pier system as in the helical pier system. The main differences are the pier construction and the weight it can support.

Without helical fins, push piers can be driven to greater depths without bending, providing support for heavier structures.

As the foundation is raised and leveled, gaps and cracking can disappear as well as all the other symptoms associated with foundation settling.

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