Systèmes Sous-sol Québec Case Studies: A Commercial Basement Waterproofed in Salaberry-De-Valleyfield

Thursday, November 1st, 2018 by Anastasie Najem


Like homes, commercial buildings are also sensitive to hydrostatic pressure. If the basement in question is surrounded by an empty space, the water that will be collected in the soil will cause pressure and push the water inside the basement through the pores of the concrete, as well as holes, cracks, and joists.

The entire backfilled area under which the outdoor drain rests is also a common source that allows water to cause this pressure. An excavation and waterproofing project by the outside around this large basement space could not be considered by these clients due to its complexity and costs.

If your commercial space is used to store your inventory and equipment, a flood in this storage space would not be a good thing for your business. That's why the specialist who inspected these clients' building, Michael Costello, recommended an affordable indoor solution that would solve their water infiltration problems permanently.


The WaterGuard Interior Drain System is designed to not get clogged, as it is affixed to the top of the footing of the foundation wall without affecting its structure. It contains small holes to intercept water from the wall, joists, and floor and is connected to the CleanSpace membrane and TripleSafe sump pump.

The durable CleanSpace Plastic Vapor Barrier is similar to a pool liner. This is the perfect wall solution for stone walls that are not completely smooth because it comes in a roll. The CleanSpace blocks water vapor that causes moisture and condensation and drains water that seeps through the walls to the connected WaterGuard drain.

The TripleSafe sump pump is the most efficient on the market. To cover the entire space of this basement area and to eliminate any risk of infiltration, two units have been installed, which equates to 6 pumps in total, 2 of which operate on a battery. In fact, each TripleSafe pump contains 3 pumps in its double liner: a Zoeller pump of 1/3 HP, a second Zoeller pump of 1/2 CV in case the first is not enough to pump all the quantity of water that infiltrates, and finally, an UltraSump booster pump powered by the battery that takes over during a power outage.

Thus, this commercial space is no longer at risk of being damaged by water infiltration. Owners and traders can go back to their business without being worried about their merchandise and the health of the building. Our team is proud to have been able to help these customers solve their commercial basement problems once and for all.

Project Summary

Specialist: Michael Costello

Foreman: Petru Rotaru

Product installed: CleanSpace membrane

Product installed: WaterGuard interior drain

Product installed: 2 TripleSafe Sump Pumps

Type of building: Commercial building

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