Systèmes Sous-sol Québec Case Studies: A basement waterproofed at Sainte-Rose, Quebec.

Thursday, September 20th, 2018 by Pamela Sabella


This client from the Sainte-Rose area in Laval, Quebec contacted us to tell us about her water problem in the basement. There were cracks and water seeping through these cracks. Who says water also says water vapor and therefore high humidity. To find the best solution to this problem, we sent our specialist Jonathan who took the time to assess the entire basement from the inside and outside and determined with the client all the problems that it was necessary to resolve. He ended up recommending a complete, effective and durable waterproofing and sealing system that eliminated all the concerns that this client's basement caused.


Therefore, the recommended waterproofing system was done according to the following steps.

Our team first sealed the wall cracks with polyurethane and FlexiSpan injection. These combination products block water and redirect it to the inner drain while being flexible to accommodate future wall movements. Thus, the crack will never open again. In addition, the WellDuct was installed below the window to drain the water entering through the window well.

Then, our team dug a trench all around the perimeter of the walls to install the WaterGuard interior drain that intercepts water from the floor and walls. A TrenchDrain has also been installed to intercept water coming through doors and stairs.

To evacuate the water in the drain, we installed a SuperSump sump pump system combined with an UltraSump booster pump system. Together, these systems can evacuate water away from home while allowing the pump to continue its drainage functions if a power outage occurs. So there is no risk that the basement will be flooded during storms that cause power outages because the UltraSump pump will start automatically and the alarm will indicate that this pump is running.

Project Summary

Problem: Cracking and water infiltration

Installed products: Polyurethane Injection, FlexiSpan, IceGuard, LawnScape, SuperSump, UltraSump, WaterGuard, TrenchDrain, WellDuct.

foremen: Yury et Stan

Specialist: Jonathan Dubois

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