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Waterproofing a basement in Ormstown

We have installed a complete waterproofing solution in Ormstown that includes our WaterGuard interior drain, our SuperSump sump pump system and the IceGuard and LawnScape systems that help to keep water out of the house without clogging the drain line.

Encapsulation of a crawl space in Chelsea, Qc

Mrs. Cuff wanted like to use her crawl space for storage, but it was very humid. Since she wanted to keep her belongings in good condition and avoid mold, she wanted to find a solution. So, she decided to contact Systèmes Sous-sol Québec in order to resolve the humidity problem quickly.


The solution for our client was to first install a SmartSump sump pump system. It is connected with a discharge line which will expel the water away from the foundation of the house. Then, a drainage mat was placed on the ground so that the water that ends up on the surface goes directly to the SmartSump. Finally, our CleanSpace coating is installed over the drainage mat. Material with a thickness of 20 mm composed of polyethylene and antimicrobial, it blocks moisture from the soil and prevents the proliferation of mold. It also gives a clear and bright appearance to the crawl space.


With this solution, Mrs. Cuff will be able to use her crawl space as storage space and above all have a dry crawl space!

Encapsulation and insulation of a crawl space in Chelsea, Qc

Mr. Woods has an earthen crawl space with several problems:

- Water infiltration

- Humidity

- Mold


When it rains or during spring, water infiltrates in his crawl space creating a lot of humidity and mold over time. Another source of moisture is the earthen ground. The water in the soil evaporates creating moisture.

All of This has affected the comfort of his home, as his floors were cold and there was a smell of dampness in the house.So he contacted Systèmes Sous-sol in order to isolate his crawl space and resolve his problems definitively.


The solution

First, the mold on the wooden walls was removed with our Mold-X product. Then, our experts installed our SilverGlo insulation panels on the walls of the crawl space. 2 '' thick panels with radiant barrier to isolate the cold and reflect heat inside the crawl space. They then laid our TerraBlock insulation sheets on the earthen floor. They made it possible to insulate the crawl space and protect it against humidity. Finally, our experts installed our CleanSpace coating on top of the TerraBlock. Moisture is therefore blocked, it protects the TerraBlock insulation sheets and crawl space into a clear and clean appearance.


Stabilization a foundation in Saint-Chrysostome, Qc

Mr. Jean-Pierre, who owns a house in Saint-Chrysostome, contacted our company regarding sagging floors in his home.

When our team went to check his crawl space, they found that the support posts in the area were slipping off of their bases.

So following the inspection, our team attached wood girder beams to the existing floor joists. Then we installed all metal SmartJacks with concrete bases.

Heavy-duty jack posts made with galvanized steel, such as the SmartJack Crawl Space Support System, are the strongest, most corrosion-resistant crawl space structural supports available in Montreal.

Complete insulation of a crawl space in Saint-Chrysostome, Qc


There was a smell of mold upstairs as well as a great humidity was felt in the house of Mr. Jean-Pierre in Saint-Chrysostome, Qc


We installed a SmartDrain, 2 SmartJacks, SilverGlow as well as TerraBlock. The client can now enjoy his home, without any unpleasant odors and without having to worry about the stability of the foundation.

A very important element for the installation of SmartJack poles is their engineering base. The geotechnical engineers and the manufacturers of this product, have trained our teams to install the best engineering base for the posts (seen under the post), allowing to dissipate up to 90% the weight that supports the pole.

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