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Infiltrations of water in a crawl space in Saint-Zotique

There are many cities like Saint-Zotique along lakes or streams. Although it is very pleasant during hot summers, it also means that the soils bordering these streams are often full of water. Thus, homes that rest on these floors may be infiltrated with water. This was the case of one of our clients in Saint-Zotique. The water that seeped into his crawl space harmed all this space and the air of the house. To solve this problem, we carried out a project of encapsulation and waterproofing to make this environment waterproof and impermeable. We are pleased to have been able to install our patented CleanSpace (vapor barrier), SmartSump (sump pump system), LawnScape (discharge line) and IceGuard (pipe freeze protection) products. solve this water problem once and for all.

Waterproofing a basement in Ormstown

We have installed a complete waterproofing solution in Ormstown that includes our WaterGuard interior drain, our SuperSump sump pump system and the IceGuard and LawnScape systems that help to keep water out of the house without clogging the drain line.

Stabilization a foundation in Saint-Chrysostome, Qc

Mr. Jean-Pierre, who owns a house in Saint-Chrysostome, contacted our company regarding sagging floors in his home.

When our team went to check his crawl space, they found that the support posts in the area were slipping off of their bases.

So following the inspection, our team attached wood girder beams to the existing floor joists. Then we installed all metal SmartJacks with concrete bases.

Heavy-duty jack posts made with galvanized steel, such as the SmartJack Crawl Space Support System, are the strongest, most corrosion-resistant crawl space structural supports available in Montreal.

Encapsulation of a crawl space in Hemmingford, Qc

Because the crawl space is a below-grade space under the house, you might think it’s normal to have a moisty crawl space. After all, the ground gets wet and dries throughout the seasons and with weather patterns event.

So when our client who owns a house in Hemmingford started suffering from moisture in her house, she contacted us asking for some recommendations.

We went to her house, and encapsulated her crawl space by installing our most efficient products in the market: A Cleanspace Liner to block water vapor, a SmartDrain to collect water seepage which is designed specifically for crawl spaces and a Sanidry Cx to keep the air dry.

The SaniDry Cx dehumidifier is a powerful system that is appropriate for the basement and crawl space environment alike, and is able to remove up to 109 Pints of water daily.

Waterproofing a basement in Hemmingford, Qc

Our team has picked the best solution to protect our client’s basement in Hemmingford and solved all water infiltration problems in the place by connecting our Waterguard System that is installed at the base of the foundation, with our company’s SuperSump that has more than 100 holes to drain the water under the slab.

This place is now completely waterproofed!

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