Sweat-ugh Weather in Gatineau: if it's hot outside, it's hotter in your crawl space

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 by Anastasie Najem

Hey Gatineau! Humidity is in the 90% these days.

That's intense. Did you know that air is a very efficient way to move water? Air moves easily in and out of rooms and spaces, and so does humid air. And when it does, air brings its moisture everywhere it goes. Now here's the trick, when the air is heated or cooled, its relative humidity changes. Hot air holds more humidity than cold air, so relative humidity drops 3.4 % for every degree air is heated and rises 3.4% for every degree air is cooled. So why is venting your crawl space bad? Because when you try venting your crawl space to cool it, you're actually bringing humid air in. Everything becomes humid because of condensation and moisture spreads everywhere, rotting wood and other organic construction materials. All the porous material will absorb humidity which decreases the lifespan of these materials. 

Sweat-ugh Weather in Gatineau: if it\'s hot outside, it\'s hotter in your crawl space - Image 1 

So trust us when we tell you that if you're sweating, your crawl space is probably too. And if your crawl space is sweating, well the air that's downstairs will go upstairs because that's how air circulates right? So you end up breathing that humid and moist air. If you someone living in your home has asthma or allergies, humid air does not help. It exacerbates the symptoms. 

The good news is that there is a simple solution for all this. It'll solve your problem at its root. Encapsulation. What is it? Simply put, we install a vapor-barrier barrier that has an antibacterial additive in it. We install drains and sump pump systems that intercept all the water coming in and evacuates it far from the house. And the best thing we do, we install some heavy-duty industrial dehumidifier systems that capture more than 100 pints of water from your air. These systems are designed by engineers specifically for the basement spaces. They make the basement environment healthier and more useful. 


Crawl space encapsulation is a proven solution that solves humidity problems permanently. It gives you more usable space, protects construction materials, brings value to your home and helps you protect your health. We are happy to work on encapsulation projects every day and help families get a better air quality in their home.

If you think you have a humidity problem and you need a solution for that, contact us today for a free estimate with one of our crawl space specialists. We serve Gatineau, Hull, L'Ange-Gardien, Chelsea, Cornwall, Hawkesbury and surrounding cities. We are looking forward to helping you solve this basement problem!  

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