7 negative effects of a damp basement

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 by Anastasie Najem

7 negative effects of a damp basement

7 negative effects of a damp basement - Image 1

1)    Dust mites – these are microscopic parasites that live in pretty much everything in your home and that aggravates asthma and allergies. Dust mites are the #1 indoor allergens and thrive in humid and damp environments.

2)    Sticking doors and windows – if your basement is humid or damp, construction material such as wood will expand. Your doors and frames will expand, making it hard to open and clause them.

3)    Damp smelling carpets – water vapors pass through the floor slab because concrete is porous. It evaporates off the surface of the basement floor but if you have a carpet, they evaporation process slows down, causing moistures to build up in the carpeting. Humidity increases in the carpet and causes mold to grow, hence the smelling.

4)    Bending wood floors – hardwood is an organic material. When in a humid and damp environment, it will expand, bend and curve. Wood flooring is a risk because humidity and water vapors can cause real wood warp severely. Wood and water are a bad combination.

5)    Humid attic – air circulates from bottom to top so if your air if humid, once it reaches your attic, it will condense against the cold ceiling or roof. Again, humid environments help mold to grow and wood to rot, even in your attic.

6)    Frost and mold on the inside of windows - in cool weather, condensation can happen in your windows. Humid air and cold windows can cause frost accumulation and condensation of water vapors. Were there is condensation, there can be mold growth.

7)    Increased cooling and heating bills – humid air takes a lot more energy to heat in winter and to cool in summer. Your heating and air conditioning bills will be much more expensive the more your air is damp. 

7 negative effects of a damp basement - Image 2

We have the solutions to turn your wet and damp basement into a healthy, dry environment. Call us at 514-334-7824 to find out how we are going to make your basement and your entire home in a more comfortable space.

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