Water infiltrations in the basement ... what to do to fix the water problem?

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 by Anastasie Najem

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The snow is melting. It is raining. Water is seeping at the bottom of the foundation. The concrete slab is wet. The walls are humid. There are cracks and water is seeping through the crack. The water in the sump is coming out. Water is coming through the window well.

Infiltrations d\'eau au sous-sol ... Quoi faire pour réparer? - Image 1

These are all too common problems, especially in this month of April showers. With water accumulating in the ground and exercising pressure on your foundation walls, your basement is at risk of water infiltration.

So, what to do to fix this problem? You have to waterproof your basement.

What is basement waterproofing? It is the installation of an interior French drain, a sump pump system and a vapor barrier membrane.

1. Install an inner French drain.

To avoid excavating the ground on the outside, we can reach your foundation from the inside. It's easier and more efficient. We install a drain similar to the French drain, but that is much more advanced. We install it on the perimeter of the foundation wall at the joint between the wall and the slab. Water infiltrating through the ground, foundation, wall or cracks is intercepted.

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2. Install a sump pump.

A sump pump is a crucial element to protect your basement. But a pump in a whole will not solve the problem completely, because if the hole is open, the water vapors escape and humidify the space, and the debris can enter and interfere with the operation of the pump. An airtight system that contains stands for the pump is an efficient system.

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3. Install a vapor barrier membrane.

A vapor barrier is used to block the water vapors that humidify the basement. It is a very strong membrane that should contain an antibacterial additive to prevent bacteria from reproducing. Water vapor, moisture, and water seepage will no longer be a risk as they will be redirected to the drain.

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4. BONUS: A backup system (a battery sump pump) in the event of a power failure!

An additional sump pump is powered by a rechargeable battery. This battery pump evacuates water that infiltrates into the basement even during a power failure.

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Infiltrations d\'eau au sous-sol ... Quoi faire pour réparer? - Image 2

Infiltrations d\'eau au sous-sol ... Quoi faire pour réparer? - Image 3

Infiltrations d\'eau au sous-sol ... Quoi faire pour réparer? - Image 4

Infiltrations d\'eau au sous-sol ... Quoi faire pour réparer? - Image 5


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