Presentations for real estate brokers and building inspectors

Thursday, May 30th, 2019 by Anastasie Najem

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Several times a year, we organize free training and presentations that we offer to various teams and organizations working in the residential industry. Often, they are real estate agents and building inspectors.

These people are the ones who most often are in direct contact with customers. They know exactly what are the common and rare problems that occur in the different types of homes they sell. They discuss with customers on a daily basis and know the real concerns that bother them. They know which house will sell easily on the market, and which requires a lot of work to sell. Finally, they know what makes a customer run away, or at least slow down the buying process. A lot of times, these are problems of water infiltration in the basement, a humid crawl space, and failing foundations

Systèmes Sous-sol Québec has the most innovative solutions that solve the problems listed above. Our interior drains and state-of-the-art sump pump systems are the most effective solution on the market, but one of the least popular.

Our team's mission is to educate customers and inform them about products and innovations that solve these problems in an alternative way and eliminate any doubt in the minds of shoppers.

We make a general call to all industry professionals who want to know more about interior waterproofing and foundation repair solutions.

Recently, our specialist Jerry gave a presentation to the Royal LePage Vallée De L'Outaouais team in Gatineau. Several realtors have discovered our solutions in order to recommend professional companies to perform work that will help sell the house.

In addition, Peter gave a presentation to 39 building inspectors at Vanier College in Montreal. Thanks to this event, we were able to help many clients who had problems with water infiltration and foundations, but who did not know who to go to for help.

To conclude, here's what one of our clients wrote to his specialist on May 30, 2019 :

"Good morning Mike, [...]

As you may recall we had problems selling the property because of the slope we had in our house.  Hence we called you in to execute the stabilization work you have recommended and were very satisfied with the results.

We put the house on the market again this year, and upon getting an offer and having the house inspected, it passed with flying colors and sold quickly.

Thank you again for the good advice you gave us and thank the whole team for a job well done. "J.K.


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