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Friday, August 7th, 2020 by Vanessa Cusson

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The company's president, Michael Haydamous, was recently invited to share his knowledge as an entrepreneur with Concordia students in the COMM 320 Entrepreneurship program. Mr. Haydamous himself is a John Molson School of Business MBA graduate.Michael Haydamous Concordia COMM 320 Enrepreneurship program

The webinar Michael held was a complete success. It was attended by 40 entrepreneurship students (COMM 320 CA & CB), and moderated by Assistant Professor Luc Foleu. 

Michael shared his entrepreneurial journey with the students, from his beginning as entrepreneur to the different stages he went through. He talked about the challenges faced as well as key success factors which helped him get to this stage. He gladly shared the secrets to his success and gave the students the best tips to help them succeed in their future endeavors.

Michael applies these business entrepreneurship concepts on a daily basis, and this is what made Systèmes Sous-sol Québec achieve so much, and is reflected in the hundreds of positive reviews, testimonials and referrals that satisfied customers shared online and offline. It is no surprise that our company has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award in 2019 and 2020, as well as being CAA-Quebec Approved since 2015.

Carla Tittley, Senior Development Officer at Concordia University, was attending this lecture, amongst 40 other students in the business field. Following the event, she shared this: ''Your story was so inspiring for me that my hands are sore from taking notes! [you helped] our students feel empowered and believe they too can achieve as entrepreneurs […]. Leaders such as yourself make the difference and I am certain the students will remember your story echoing in their minds for days, months and years to come.”

We are glad to have someone with Michael’s experience as our president, and we look forward to having him lead this company to more success and to sharing his story with many other business students looking to forge their path to success.

Below is a summary of what Michael shared with the Concordia students:



When starting a business, there’s a desire to be successful, to make money. ''Once success is reached, you often come to the realization that your priorities shift. You will begin to care more about the impact you have on your community, the difference you make with your clients, the better life your team gets to experience and the legacy you will leave behind’’.

Through the many case studies he had during his MBA program, Michael learned the art of possibility. This motto where dreaming is at the core of every decision, is what every entrepreneur requires to succeed. "I would even say that the growth of a business is only limited by the leader’s vision and his willingness to stay humble through every aspect."



Ever since Michael started Systèmes Sous-sol Québec from scratch, from putting the drywall up in the first official office to installing the very first jobs, he thought he knew what he needed when it came to hiring employees. There are positions to fill, simple enough right? "I was wrong. I had to learn what it meant to really build a team."



From the very beginning, back when Michael was still in school, it was clear that a dream had to be met with just as much humility. One of the ways he made sure of this, was by keeping an open mind when it comes to continuous learning. "In the evening, I read autobiographies of successful businessmen/businesswomen and in the car, audio books of entrepreneurs. It allows me to shorten the path so I can reach the goals I set out to achieve."

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