Is your basement ready for the Spring snow melt?

Friday, February 22nd, 2013 by Antonio Sabella

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Spring is at the door again here in Quebec. In a few weeks the ice and snow will start to melt, and we will be able to see some green again!

Yet, like every year, snow melt brings with it the same problems: basement water infiltration!

Can you imagine the loss that people suffer from every spring due to this? All those precious items stocked in the basement, the many souvenirs and photos, the high-end surround system which they recently bought…all gone, damaged, wet! Can you imagine the loss of time, effort, energy, and the pointless phone calls to insurance agents only to find that underground water seepage is not covered by the insurance plan? Do you want to be in this situation?

They might have had basement waterproofing problems before, or seen indications during last year's spring of these problems, or even seen it happen at a friend’s house; yet, many people do not do anything about their basement humidity and water problems until the inevitable happens.

What is the best thing to do? Prevent it from happening! Start fixing your basement before the inevitable water seepage and moisture problems arise.

There are some very reliable solutions on the market today. At Basement Systems Quebec, we offer some of the most effective, award-winning and tested products and solutions.  For example, the Waterguard, a patented internal drain system that is placed inside the perimeter of your basement, has been especially designed to never get clogged or broken, and to be very easy to maintain.

Most french drains are typically unreliable: they are bound to break and clog so if you are counting on a French drain to protect your basement, think again…

We also offer top-of-the-line Sump Pumps, such as the Triple Safe, which boasts a Zoeller pump and a battery-operated backup, so you can sleep peacefully knowing that you will not have to wake up at night and start emptying water from your basement. 

So, prevent your basement from having water infiltration problems! Waterproof it now before the spring comes. Waterproof it correctly and save yourself money and time.  It'll be well worth it.

Basement Systems Quebec is the exclusive dealership in Quebec for Basement Systems, Inc.  We serve the greater Montreal area, including Longueuil, Valleyfield, Saint-Constant, Chambly, Saint-Luc, Granby, Terrebonne and nearby areas. For more information about the waterproofing and crawl space repair services and products we offer, call or e-mail today. 

About the author

Antonio Sabella, Directeur du marketing / Marketing Manager

Antonio est un spécialiste en conception de systèmes au sein des réseaux internationaux Basement Systems et SupportWorks. Il travaille chaque jour à communiquer aux gens les solutions pour leurs problèmes de sous-sol et de fondation, tel que l'imperméabilisation, le contrôle de l'humidité, la finition ou bien la stabilisation.---- Antonio is a System Design Specialist within the international networks of Basement Systems and SupportWorks. He works everyday on communicating to people the right solutions for their basement and foundation problems, including waterproofing, humidity control, finishing and stabilization.

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