Systèmes Sous-sol Québec Case Studies: Repairs of failed foundations in Brownsburg

Thursday, April 18th, 2019 by Pamela Sabella


Inadequate foundation walls that bend inward are a major risk to your home, its value, and your safety. When the first signs of foundation subsidence appear, it is crucial to treat the problem just before it gets worse and harder because the longer you wait, the harder and more expensive it will be to bring back the foundation to its original position as well as the fair value of your home.

When our specialist inspected the basement to analyze the foundation, he noticed a crack on the stair around the slabs, a major horizontal crack, and a curvature of the wall inwards. These problems are the consequences of the pressure of the earth on the foundations. When moisture, frost, intense rainfall or other similar natural phenomena occur, the soil expands. This expansion causes constant pressure on your foundation walls until they can no longer hold it, causing cracks, sagging, and tilting. When these symptoms appear, it is a sign that the foundation needs help and support to the counterweight. 


To solve this problem, our foreman Michel installed the recommended products during the inspection of our specialist Sam.

Thus, we installed several PowerBrace support beams. This patented system stabilizes the foundation walls with zinc-plated steel girders that are adapted to the height of your basement wall and securely attached to the wall using Floor-anchored fasteners and floor joists. This system can be tightened over time to repair and fix the problem to bring the wall back to its original position. ArmLock fasteners system attaches CarbonArmor carbon fiber strips to the joists. Together, these systems provide a fast, non-invasive and ideal solution for stabilizing foundation walls that need additional support to resist soil pressure.

Project Summary

Problem: Cracked and curved foundation walls

Solution: Foundation stabilization system

Installed products: PowerBrace, CarbonArmor, ArmLock

City: Brownsburg

Specialist: Sam

Foreman: Michel

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