Systèmes Sous-sol Québec Case Studies: Basement Waterproofing for new homeowners on the Plateau-Mont-Royal !

Friday, November 4th, 2016 by Julien Fiset-Ricci


When buying their new house on the Plateau-Mont-Royal, this couple were informed that there were problems of water infiltration in the basement of the residence. In fact, the water seeped through the inner support wall as well as some critical areas around the slab.

Although, the two owners had been informed of the infiltration problem in the basement of their newly bought house, they quickly noticed how frequently the water infiltration occurred and had to live through the stress that this could cause. A lot of water was seeping once every month and in several places in the basement. In the course of the first two months at their new house, the couple realized the magnitude of the problem and the urgent need to effectively address it, if they wanted to protect their investment.

At some point, the owners have even reported the presence of mold near the bathroom sink in the basement. Mold can sometimes be a threat to health, it can also cause unpleasant odors, besides the fact that it grows on everything organic such as wooden furniture, frames, wood floors  etc.

The couple had in mind to finish their basement to turn it into a rental unit, allowing them to generate additional revenue. They could certainly have taken the decision not to worry about waterproofing the basement prior to finishing, but the problems of a wet basement would have persisted during the heavy rain or snowmelt days. Therefore it was more appropriate for them to address the problem at its source and waterproof their foundations once and for all.


After taking the decision to go ahead with the waterproofing of their basement, the owners consulted several companies and specialists to carry out the work. Among these experts, a specialist (Jonathan Guy) from Systèmes Sous-sol Québec visited them for a free inspection of their basement.

Following the one hour and a half  inspection of the basement, Jonathan Guy showed them  what the water infiltration problem was and how he could help them to solve it. The couple were delighted because Jonathan helped them visualize the problem and the solutions available to them, thanks to a specialized software designed by the company. Impressed by Jonathan's expertise as well as the innovative solutions offered to them, the owners decided to waterproof their basement with Systèmes Sous-sol Québec .

A few days later, a team went to the couple’s house to start the job. The team completed the installation of an interior foundation drainage system called the WaterGuard.

To do this, they had to dig a trench about 6 inches along the wall in the basement slab. Subsequently, they filled the hole with stones before laying the WaterGuard drain (See the photo on the right). Once placed end to end, the WaterGuard helps capture the water that would potentially seep through the foundation and direct it to the installed SuperSump sump pump system . This sump pump system then evacuates the water out of the house. In order to finish the job, the team of technicians took the care to refinish the trench and sump pump hole that were dug in the slab with concrete. In addition, a CleanSpace membrane, specifically designed to act as a barrier against moisture, was fixed to the walls of the basement, to make it fully waterproof and dry.

The combination of the WaterGuard, the CleanSpace membrane and the SuperSump sump pump system forms a foolproof solution against water infiltration. In addition, several other complementary products help make the system even more efficient. For example, a FloodRing was installed around the hot water tank to form a barrier for water, in case of a failure of the water heater. In addition, a Trench drain system was also installed near the stairs from the outside, to prevent water from infiltrating at this point.

The homeowners were delighted to see that they could finish their basement, and as such were able to rent it. With product warranties, they were reassured that the investment they did in their house was protected against water infiltration.

Project Summary

Specialist: Jonathan Guy

Foreman: Daniel Martos

Products installed: Ice Guard, WaterGuard Inspection port, SuperSump, 56' of WaterGuard, CleanSpace Wall, Floodring, Trenchdrain

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