Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: A crawl space and a lot of questions in Terrasse-Vaudreuil

Monday, April 29th, 2019 by Pamela Sabella


"Hello, we have a" heater "in our crawl space and our insurance requires that it needs to be replaced by a certified, safe and permanent system. This is our first home with a crawl space and we do not know what the possible options are”. We love to receive requests such as this one because in spite of the fact that you are in a problematic and stressful situation, we know that we have the solution you are looking for to remove all the headaches related to your renovation projects! We are experts in crawl space and part of the largest international network of contractor Basement Systems, specialists in crawl spaces.

We made an appointment with our customer from Terrasse-Vaudreuil with Sam, one of our most experienced crawl specialists. He knows exactly how to explain the different problems and existing solutions to encapsulate, isolate and stabilize a problematic crawl space for a new client who,  like the majority of our customers, had no idea what a service cellar (crawl space) is and how it is repaired.



Here is from what the crawl space repair solution is made of:


1) Insulation of the walls by installing the SilverGlo crawl space insulation panels. It is a thermal insulation panel composed of graphite particles that are combined with insulating foam. The shiny layer on the top allows the heat to be reflected inward and lowers the thermal conductivity of the material, increasing its R-value.


2) CleanSpace Drain Mat: This is a pressed polyethylene membrane installed under the CleanSpace coating that allows water to flow to the pump in the crawl spaces.


3) TerraBlock floor insulation: it is a product designed to meet the disadvantages of clay and uneven floors. It is 3/4 inch thick and covered on both sides with a vapor barrier that makes the insulation resistant to punctures and damage from abrasion. In addition, it offers cushioned comfort to crawl into space and store your belongings.


4) CleanSpace Vapor Barrier Membrane: This is a powerful, ultra-resistant coating installed in the crawl space to block water vapor, water infiltration and prevent mold growth while isolating the house from this space. It's the best product on the market. It controls the quality of the air and humidity to provide a dry and healthy space, which preserves the integrity of building materials and the quality of the air and the environment throughout the home.


5) CleanSpace vents covers. This product is designed to prevent outdoor air from entering and humidifying and infecting indoor air, as the need to ventilate is a myth. It has a seal and is made of plastic so as not to rust.


6) Plastic access door. It is important to have an airtight access door that prevents air and mold from getting inside, especially if the door of your crawl space is outside.


7) Sump pump. A sump pump system such as the SmartSump allows all collected water to be removed from the house automatically.


8) Finally, the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, an indispensable accessory in crawl spaces that are too wet, has been installed to filter and dry humid air. Indoor moist air is expensive to cool and heat, and a central air system is inefficient in the crawl space. This product is specially designed for this space, its measurements and the volume of water present in the air very often high.

Project Summary

Problem: Wet and humid crawl space

solution: Isolation and Encapsulation

Products installed: SilverGlo, TerraBlock, Système CleanSpace, EverLast, SaniDry Sedona

Specialist: Sam

Foreman: Michel

City: Terrasse-Vaudreuil

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