Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: A fully encapsulated crawl space in South Glengarry, ON

Saturday, November 24th, 2018 by Pamela Sabella


Did you know that we serve Gatineau and the surrounding area? A South Glengarry customer contacted us in 2015 to talk about his crawl space problem. Having isolated by himself the crawl space, using generic products and materials, he wanted to know what our solution offered more. But mainly, he was also interested in our dehumidification system, because he felt that the air was still wet. In addition, the customer seemed to want to sell the house, so he wanted a solution that would solve the problem of moisture and that would not scare away any potential buyers.


So we proposed a complete encapsulation solution with our products specially designed by engineers for the space of the crawl space, but our client decided to install only the SaniDry XP. In 2016, the client sold the house to a new owner and was able to transfer the guarantee. This client was interested in the complete encapsulation solution. So, two and a half years later, we installed a CleanSpace membrane that is an ultra-resistant vapor barrier specifically designed to block water vapor. In addition, to permanently stabilize the foundations, we have installed SmartJacks support pillars that are specially designed to fit the height of the crawl space while being adjustable to be tightened over time over time. Finally, there was an old sump pump system that was not very efficient. The new owner has decided to replace the old pump with our three-pump system, the TripleSafe. This system consists of 3 sump pumps, one of which is battery operated during power outages. We also installed another sump pump, the SmartSump, because the space and the amount of water are very bulky. Thus, all this forms a very efficient and safe system, which gives you extra peace of mind during rain storms and strong winds.


Project Summary

Problem: Humidity and water infiltration in the crawl space

Humidity Solution: CleanSpace membrane and SaniDry dehumidifier

Solution for water infiltartion: TripleSafe and SmartSump sump pumps

Solution for foundations: SmartJacks Support Pillars

Solution for discharge line: LawnScape and IceGuard

Specialist: Peter Romaniuk

Worker: Cédrick Masse-Fontaine et Yan Thibault

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