Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Insulation of a crawl space in Montpellier

Thursday, April 18th, 2019 by Pamela Sabella


Mrs. Christina from Montpellier discovered our company by researching the solutions available for her to isolate her crawl space in an efficient and permanent way. By asking preparatory contextual questions to the client at the time of the inspection, the client was told that the most common problem the client was experiencing was too high humidity. In addition, in the winter the floors became colder than normal.

When Alexandre, our crawl space insulation specialist, entered the crawl space to find the source of the problem, he noticed that it was not a complicated problem. The foundation was adequate, the support was able to hold the transferred load and there was no water infiltration. The problem was simply the presence of water vapor and high humidity caused by a lack of insulation and floor covering in the crawl space. Fixing this problem by installing a crawl space encapsulation system, as recommended by our specialist, will bring a major change to the entire environment of the home.


So, to solve the problem at its source, our production team installed SilverGlo insulation panels on the walls. SilverGlo is an expanded polystyrene insulation infused with graphite particles. These small particles reflect heat and decrease the thermal conductivity of the material to provide a higher heat resistance value (R) per inch. It is covered by a radiant barrier that reflects the heat into the crawl space in order to preserve and optimize the energy consumption of your home. This helps to keep the walls and floor on the upper floor more comfortable and warm in the winter and helps reduce heating costs.

Then our team covered the wet soil with a vapor barrier called CleanSpace. This membrane is a 20mil plastic coating composed of several layers of plastic with different characteristics of flexibility and strength. This frame can be very resistant to tearing while blocking the water vapor that emerges from the ground. The added antibacterial additive blocks the growth of mold and fungi on the coating. This coating is the only one of its kind, extremely effective and efficient.

These two products combine to form a high-performance vacuum and encapsulation system that will drastically change the state of your crawl space and the air quality throughout your home.


Project Summary

Problem: High humidity in the crawl space and cold floors

Products installed: SilverGlo Insulation, CleanSpace Vapor Barrier Membrane

City: Montpellier

Solution: Insulation and encapsulation of the crawl space

Expert: Alexandre Séguin-Angers

Foreman: Cédrick Masse-Fontaine

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