Crawl Space Repair Photo Album: Well-encapsulated crawl space in Saint-Sauveur

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This client from Saint-Sauveur sent us a request indicating that she wants to have her crawl space evaluated. She wanted to check the condition of the support beams and wanted to fix the moisture problem. As we are the experts in crawl space, we have the best solutions that solve these problems efficiently and permanently. So we sent our specialist Jorge who was able to inspect the entire crawl space to find the problems and recommend the solutions that solve them at their source. We reassured her that the support system is safe, but the moisture problem is easily adjustable. Our installation team therefore encapsulated this crawl space by neutralizing the mold with Mold-X2 treatment and isolating the house from the ground with the CleanSpace vapor barrier. Finally, the SmartDrain allows the crawl space to be protected in case of a plumbing leak by intercepting the water and alarming you with the problem. You will be able to know what's going on and react before it causes a problem.


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