Foundation Repair Case Studies: Stabilizing a foundation in Cheneville, Qc

Thursday, December 31st, 2020 by Pamela Sabella


Mr. Billy has lived in his house near the lake since 1960. Over the years, he had noticed several problems:

- A crack near a door frame up to the ceiling

- A crack that had formed on the corner of an exterior wall and was growing to a width of half an inch

- An exterior wall that had started to curve.


What was the cause? Well the pressure in the ground. A lot of pressure is in the soil around a house. The pressure varies depending on the type of soil, the level of humidity present, the depth, etc. When the pressure is so great in the ground that the wall of the house cannot take it, the wall begins to bend, crack or sink.


All these signs alarmed him and he contacted Systèmes Sous-sol Québec for a free inspection, as Billy had concerns for his house and did not want the problem to cause irreversible damage.


The solution that was offered to Billy by our experts was the insertion of support pillars into the ground to straighten the house.


Our experts faced a challenge; which was wether to insert the supporting pillars from outside or inside the house? The house was near a water's edge and a lot of obstacles were around the house such as a large terrace, trees and bushes and  doing the work from the outside was not a solution. So our experts executed the work from the interior of the house.


The support pillars we used are made of steel and are driven deep into the ground to reach rocky ground or other stable layer of soil. This will straighten the house to its original position and then stabilize it permanently.

Project Summary

City: Cheneville

Problem: Foundation

Solution: Steel support pillars

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