Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Waterproofed basement in Saint-Placide, QC

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 by Pamela Sabella


When this customer from Saint-Placide contacted us, he did not share his interest in our waterproofing solutions. We gave him a free appointment for a complete inspection with one of our specialists. When we visited the house, the client told him how he has lived in this house since 1988 and had never had problems with water infiltration or flooding before. But during a storm, he was flooded and the water rose up to two inches in the basement.

The walls and other property were damaged, forcing him to renovate the space. He did not want to worry about reproducing again. Since the house is not located in a flood region in Quebec according to the report, but bordering the Ottawa River, the client did not think the risk would aggravate. Our specialist therefore recommended a prevention solution that would eliminate the risk of flooding and give that peace of mind that the client is looking for.


First, the specialist recommended the installation of the TripleSafe sump pump system. This system protects your basement three times more than other systems because it contains 3 pumps. The first operates under normal conditions. The second pump starts if the first pump fails for any reason or when the flow and volume of water are too fast for the first one. Thus, worries about pumps that fail or that are not powerful enough for the amount of water to evacuate disappear. Finally, the third pump is an UltraSump that runs on a direct current powered by a rechargeable battery. This pump works when you experience a power failure. No need to worry about your pump if it happens during a storm. The basement is protected against all these conditions.

In addition, as the specialist noticed some of the failure in concrete block foundation walls, he recommended that the wall be solidified with our PowerBraces support beams. The PowerBrace system is zinc plated and is specially adapted for the height of your basement. They are secured in the ground and on your wall thanks to brackets anchored in the joists. This unique system is designed by engineers to be adjusted and tightened over the years in order to reverse the problem of wall failure without having to dig and start large foundation projects. This system strengthens your foundations instantly and brings value back to your home.

Project Summary

Problem: Flood and faulty wall

Solution: TripleSafe sump pump system; PowerBrace Wall Reinforcement System

specialist: Jerry Evangelatos

City: Saint-Placide

Location in the house: Basement

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