Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Internal drain and sump pump in Daveluyville

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 by Pamela Sabella


Water infiltrations in the basement do not always seem problematic at first glance, but the more we let the little problem hang, the more it becomes a big problem. These Daveluyville customers contacted us to meet one of our specialists to solve the water problem that has been happening to them for two years. They are finally ready to settle it once and for all.

Indeed, when it rains, the water infiltrates by the perimeter of the basement and wets all the space around. This is a phenomenon that occurs frequently and has caused damage to their vinyl flooring. They also started to notice traces of mold. Since some of their children's rooms are in the basement, they want to finish the basement as quickly as possible to use it. It is imperative that the problem is solved as soon as possible, as it would be impossible to finish the basement if water seeps in and mold start to form on the walls and floor.

When they had the space inspected by other companies, they did not decide to continue the project because the guarantees were not good enough. Our guaranties on this type of system are 25 years old and are transferable, so if you decide to sell the house one day, no problem!

Here is the solution that our specialist Jerry offered to our customers.


1)French drain inside

To resolve the problem, the team began by digging a trench on the entire perimeter affected by the infiltrations of groundwater. Once installed and covered, the WaterGuard interior drain system does not appear. It settles quietly at the foot of the foundation without harming the structure. Our interior drainage system is designed not to rest in the ground, eliminating the potential problem of blockage by silt and sediments under the floor!

We have also installed 9 inspection ports to perform checks and maintenances. This is an advantage that the outside French drains do not have. The WaterGuard intercepts the water and evacuates it discreetly and efficiently.


 2) Sump pump system

The TripleSafe system is the most reliable pump system in the world; it keeps your basement dry thanks to triple protection. This system containing 3 pumps provides protection against the most common problems of water infiltration: a pump failure, a pump that is not strong enough to evacuate all the water after heavy rains and a power outage. 


3) Additional accessories

We also have two accessories that we install on the discharge lines. The first is the IceGuard which allows the water to come out of the pipe even if it freezes in winter, which is very convenient in Quebec.

The LawnScape is a vent that blends into the grass. It prevents mud, rocks and small animals from entering the pipe and block it.

Project Summary

Problem: Water infiltration in the basement

Solution: Basement waterproofing

Products installed: WaterGuard interior drain, TripleSafe sump pump, IceGuard and LawnScape

City: Daveluyville

Specialist: Jerry Evangelatos

Foreman: Trudeaux Duvestil

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