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Wall brackets in a basement in Plaisance, Qc

We often get calls from homeowners who are hesitant to buy a concrete block home. This type of foundation does not have the best reputation and might have lots of problems.

It is for this reason that our team of engineers dedicated the time necessary to study this type of house and find the optimal solutions.

When our client Mr. Sébastien called us, exactly for this type of project, he saw our expertise on the subject and was able to trust us.

Considering the condition of the foundation, our team recommended a total of 7 PowerBraces. This product makes it possible to stabilize the foundation permanently, thanks to its system which allows it to be tightened more and more, to put the wall straight.

To complete a complete dry basement solution, Mr. Sébastien added a SuperSump pump. This pump can remove 8,300 liters of water per hour.

Stabilization of a Foundation in Pincourt, Qc

This house’s foundation was cracked in several places and the client noticed ground movements in 3 places. In addition, the front foundation was moving away from the other sides.

We have installed 8 PushPiers and fixed the problem permanently.

Foundation problems in PAPINEAUVILLE, Qc

Our client had a foundation problem. The hydrostatic pressure had bent the foundation of his walls in the basement.

After looking for solutions on the internet, she decided to contact Système Sous-ol. An appointment was set and a specialist went to do an assessment.

In order to fix the problem, PowerBraces were needed. It was necessary to support the foundation walls first and then straighten them.

Thanks to our company, our client solved her foundation problems and can now enjoy now a safe house.

Foundations stabilized in Kirkland with PushPiers

Settlement is the movement your home suffers when the soil below can no longer support the weight of your home due to many reasons such as drought, maturing trees and else.

At Systèmes Sous-sol Québec, we have the solutions for foundation settlement.

In this place in Kirkland, we have stabilized a failed foundation by installing 9 support piles.

Support pillars are the best option when earth conditions are unknown. They make it possible to raise the foundation towards its initial position, to minimize the disturbances during the installation which is done quickly, and that solves the problem once and for all.


Stabilization of a foundation in Kirkland, Qc

When you see a crack on your foundation, it may be a sign that the foundation wall is moving. When there is movement at ground level, there is a risk of subsidence that can harm your home.

The best solution is to install a permanent solution as we did in this job in Kirkland.

The PushPier pillar is a patented product and it features an outer sleeve that reinforces the pillar device directly under the support which is the most critical place.

It strengthens this area and prevents twisting, distortion, and rotation that is commonly observed in other support pillar devices.

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